Frequently Asked Questions

How old does an Infant need to be to use the Kanga Boo?

Infants need to be able to hold there heads up which usually happens around 4 months

Does the Kanga Boo fit in Target shopping cars (the red plastic carts)?

Yes!  You just have to push the seat back forward tward the handle bar and then slide the Kanga Boo 

between the seat and the seat back.

Can you machine wash the Kanga Boo?

I don’t recommend it, BUT in a pinch, say little one has vomited on it…then yes by all means!.  It will be a little lumpy and 

some of the fabrics might fade.  Wash it in cold water and lay it flat to dry.  Put it in a laundry bag to keep the velcro from grabbing 

onto anything else in the washing machine.

Does the Kanga Boo fit in all shopping carts?

No, there are some rare exceptions like the mini carts that you often find at office supply stores.  I have not found a grocery store cart that it wouldn’t fit, but if you get it home and it doesn’t fit the cart at your favorite shopping destination return it for a full refund.  I have a 100% happy guarantee! 

How do I use the Kanga Boo?

You can find detailed written instructions with step by step pictures and a link to 4 how to videos under the tab, Video and Instructions

I can be reached by email at TheKangaBoo@gmail.  Feel free to send me any questions, comments or just say hi!  I’m here to help 🙂

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