Giving Back

One exciting part of running my own small business is the ability to give back and do some good for others.

A portion of each Kanga Boo sale is donated to a charitable cause or work.  This summer we were able to support Feed My Starving Children by donating enough to purchase over 900 life giving meals.  Awesome!

Another way that the Kanga Boo is giving back is by supporting local businesses. I like my local fabric and craft stores and I want them to stay around so I give them my business 🙂  I also try to find other women, who are trying to carve out a business for themselves and give them my support.  My labels, stamps, photography and graphic design (other than the stuff I do in house) are all from other female independent artist.

I believe how we spend our resources makes a difference and you can feel good knowing that your Kanga Boo purchase makes a difference.  Buying a Kanga Boo is money well spent


“Do to others as you would like them to do to you.” -Luke 6:31 The New Living Bible

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